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Amy Troyer lives in Ohio with her husband Mark and her children Abigail and Ryan. After Ryan’s birth in 2001 a passion grew to reach out, love and share with new parents the wonderful blessings that come from having a child with Down Syndrome. There are many moments of Ups and Downs on this journey but there are so many more UPS.


It's More Ups Than Downs

"It's More Ups than Downs," is a book of inspirational stories from families who have a child or loved one who also happens to have Down Syndrome. These families share the fears they had originally, but most importantly they share how those fears were put to rest and they see the blessings they have been given. This book came together out of the author's desire to reach those entering this journey and those giving the diagnosis to new parents to remember, these children are special in their abilities, they are wonderful to be with and they love like no other. They are created in God's image and come into this world to make a difference.