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Anapaula Corral is a loved and highly respected professional in her community. She was born in Mexico City and raised in Switzerland. She has an accomplished career in the hospitality and residential industry where she has worked for 30 years. Her interest in writing her first book was because she has always helped families and women who have lost a child. Writing this book was a healing and life-changing process for her. She aims to write more books on building strong and healthy communities and relations. Aiming to inspire other readers. She currently resides in Miami FL with her boyfriend Darryl and their two dogs. She enjoys living to the fullest and cherishes Anasofia’s life every day.


Life with Anasofia

Fifteen years ago, Isabel and Mario had a baby girl, Anasofia, who lived for only three months. During that time, she transformed many people's lives. Following her death, Isabel's life becomes more challenging, and burdened by grief and sorrow, she starts looking for help. Anasofia's death was, instead, considered taboo in society, and people refused to talk about it. Inspired by actual events, Anapaula Corral has shared the pain and healing Isabel experienced in this book so that parents can relate to it as well. This book also contains scientific research to spread awareness of pregnancy complications. It seeks to encourage readers to regularly check on their health before they decide to conceive a child.

Shattered Silence:
Stories of Loss and Healing

"Shattered Silence: Stories of Loss and Healing" is a poignant collection that explores the profound journey through grief and the transformative power of healing. Through a series of compelling narratives, this book offers a glimpse into the shattered silence that follows loss, and the courageous individuals who navigate the challenging path toward healing.