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Angela Gilson was born and raised in California. She is a nature person who loves the outdoors and going for walks. “Sarabeth and Her New Best Friend” is her first book. This book represents her childhood, when she was the one who moved away from her friends. But she made new ones along the way.


Sarabeth and Her New Best Friend

This book is about friendship. At one time or another, we move away from our friends, but we always meet new people who will eventually become our friends. So when Adam moves away from his friend Sarabeth, she is really sad until she makes a new friend.

Shattered Silence:
Stories of Loss and Healing

"Shattered Silence: Stories of Loss and Healing" is a poignant collection that explores the profound journey through grief and the transformative power of healing. Through a series of compelling narratives, this book offers a glimpse into the shattered silence that follows loss, and the courageous individuals who navigate the challenging path toward healing.