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Angelic Williams is an entrepreneur passionate about elevating queer voices. In 2018, she founded MyUmbrella, an online platform that serves as a creative outlet for the LGBTQ+ community. MyUmbrella provides the community the opportunity to share their stories via their “Writers Cohort.” Their published works remind us all that we’re never truly alone. Additionally, Ms. Williams serves as an advisory-council member for the Curve Foundation, an organization that empowers lesbians, queer women, trans and nonbinary people to share their cultures and stories, and connect with each other. Angelic is a native San Franciscan and currently lives as a digital nomad.


Immersive Love

Vivienne Roche lives a life that is envied by many. As an openly queer, world-renowned, high-flying performance painter, functioning alcoholic, and female lothario, she's spent the first decade of her career virtually untouchable. She's a far cry from the idealistic, hopeless-romantic persona of her past who lurks inside her.

After a devastating tragedy, Viv becomes mortal and struggles to regain her position as the art world's most recognizable face. As she prepares the show that will put her back atop the pedestal the world had previously placed her on, a mysterious figure from her past reappears and unravels her tightly wrapped world. Immersive Love is a love story that will keep you guessing, counting the lies, and questioning just how strong love can be.