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Award-Winning Author

Anita Turnage (“Nana T”) lives in South Carolina with her husband, Ralph (“Pop”). She retired from corporate life after 27 years and is now a full-time wife, mother, grandmother, gardener and volunteer. The days she savors most are those spent with her grandchildren. As a gift to them, “Nana T” takes pen in hand to recount the delightful adventures they share.



Haden loves to share exciting adventures with Nana T in her garden. One day, while on hands and knees, they come face to face with a tiny little tree frog. Hops begins to visit daily and Haden’s fascination grows. An endearing story, full of ribbiting surprises, based on the escapades of a very real tree frog named Hops.


Haden and Ella Grace love to visit Nana T at the beach! They discover a very fussy blue heron living under a bridge nearby. Enjoy their visits to the bridge and the merriment that follows. An endearing story, full of beach fun and learning, based on the escapades of a very cranky bird, who they name Grumpy.

Later Gator

Ella Grace and Haden love to ride and explore on the golf cart when they visit Nana T at the beach. They always come home with an exciting story to share. This story is no exception as they encounter a life-threatening event involving their favorite Great Blue Heron, Grumpy, and a very hungry alligator!


Haden and Ella Grace discover a baby flounder in the crab trap. Haden is determined to earn a flounder hat if he catches a bigger one. So, the fishing adventure begins, followed by a hilarious OOPS...will Haden EVER catch that fish?