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Anna Jurinich was born in Zadar, Croatia and emigrated with her family to the US in 1958 when she was eleven years old. Residing in New York gave Anna the opportunity to attend New York City’s most prestigious art schools and have access to it’s great museums. She was an art instructor for many years and illustrated a cookbook and four children’s books. However it’s Anna’s paintings which have won her awards, grants and admirers that have given her, her voice and most satisfaction. She is a prominent artist whose original, insightful and thought provoking paintings have been exhibited internationally and in museums and galleries throughout New York. Anna has two sons and loves living in New York near the Long Island Sound with her husband, Giampaolo.


The Christmas Odd Box

In January 2000, after placing all her different Christmas ornaments in a box and placing the lid, Anna looked at the box and said out loud, “You guys be good in there.” Thinking how that box imitated the world we live in, all of us being so different. Seizing this thought as an inspiration for a book she immediately started working on the first illustration.

Fourteen years later, here is the book, ---The Christmas Odd Box. A relentless idea that was interrupted numerous times followed by even stronger determination to bring this book to fruition. Exquisitely illustrated the book’s whimsical characters and situations are written so children of all ages can relate to and enjoy. Anna’s main purpose however is that Jesus and His message of love be the central theme that flows throughout the book. This book is sure to engage and invite as well as encourage the young readers to use their own wonderful imagination.