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Beatriz Hartley worked as Consular Assistant for eighteen years in the American Embassy in Mexico City until she moved to the USA with her family and started a new career. Her interest for writing has produced a saga of three books, Tangled      Destinations-Departures, Tangled Destinations-Arrivals and Final Journey.      

Sleepless in the Sky is her first children’s book, inspired by the stories she told her four-     year-     old daughter with ADHD Syndrome.      Beatriz combines her passion for writing with her job as Teacher’s Assistant for special  kids in an elementary school in Texas.


Sleepless in the Sky

Aldo is a little angel who has trouble falling asleep due to the anxiety and excitement he feels being on Earth and having the mission of taking care of a habitat. Fortunately, the little angel finds a solution to eliminate his stress, and by the end of the story he can sleep peacefully.

This story is written with the purpose of encouraging parents to talk to their children about the things that worry them or cause them anxiety. In addition, it is a good exercise for children to assume some responsibility in caring for a pet, a plant, or keeping their space clean.