AUTHOR: Barbara Springfield

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Barbara Springfield, former teacher, librarian, and farmer, lives on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She loves to walk in the woods and on the beach with her husband, Jonny, and Border collie dog, Kate. She has learned that each day is a new adventure and treasures are always waiting to be discovered.


Kate, Wait!

What happens when a rambunctious Border collie dog moves from a farm to a sea-side town? Lots of fun and adventures! This rhyming book will have your children chiming in, "KATE, WAIT!" And this lovable dog will steal your heart...But now she herds waves and balls within reach, Because she now lives full-time at the beach.

The Pinecone Walk

In this rhyming book about Nature, a little girl and her grandfather discover treasures as they walk to gather pinecones for their evening fire. At the end of the story, the little girl discovers the best treasure of all! If we look around, there are treasures to be found! Find someone you love and go on a pinecone walk today!