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Bob is a 31-year veteran of leadership development at a Fortune 500 company with a lifelong passion to learning and helping leaders unlock more of their potential with journaling. Alessandra is Bob’s daughter and, at this writing, is a graduate student at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy, Tufts University, Boston. Together, they want to share their perspectives on how COURAGE can unlock more potential in leaders to make the world a better place.


The Art of Journaling and Reflective Leadership

A lifelong curiosity in learning and teaching led me to journaling as a deliberate process to accelerate my insights through detailed recording of ideas and reflection upon their significance. Over twenty years, my passion for journaling grew and I saw how my reflections and learnings could amplify and heighten my expertise in Leadership Development. The recorded contents of sixty-eight journals in the past twenty years has allowed me to find innovative ways to help other leaders achieve their own leadership goals and ambitions. This book explains and explores the FOUR LOOP process of Recording, Reflecting, Acting, and Sharing. This process evokes personal growth and emphasizes the importance of sharing thoughts and building ideas. I've spent many years experimenting and mastering the best ways to share my journaling methodology to teach and mentor professionals how to use this simple process to become a better leader. The journals continue to evolve as I pursue my mission of helping leaders grow and develop the skills to succeed. The book contains over 100 lessons on leadership and life extracted from the compendium of journal knowledge you see above. I hope you enjoy the book and find new perspectives that can help you become an even better leader! Happy Journaling!

Courage to Lead

Today's leaders live in an extremely challenging world with the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic, global warming, and so many violations of Social Justice and Equality. Now more than ever, we need leaders who courageously step up and make a positive impact. This book outlines a seven-part model based on the acronym COURAGE and shares the insights from 80 leadership journals completed over the past 20 years.