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Brian K. Lewis is just a guy from Cleveland, Ohio, who loved his wife. Brian matriculated at Cleveland State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. He also received a master’s degree in finance and accounting from American Intercontinental University, located in Buckhead, Georgia. For the past twelve years, Brian has been employed as an accountant at the Department of Defense.


When God Doesn't Heal

When the unthinkable happens to Radia Lewis, the age-old question surfaces: Why do bad things happen to good people? Have you ever felt as if God was ignoring your prayers? You are not alone. We all experience things in life that we do not understand. What will happen during Radia’s two-year journey with cancer? She has only her faith to lean on as she discovers things about herself and life in general. The vicissitudes of life may seem insane and cruel, but however it turns out, God is on her side.