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Calvin Jackson is a man of God who is gives knowledge, experiences, and testimonies to make the world a better place as he tries to become a better father, Godfather, son, uncle, cousin, friend, co-worker, and man. He’s a recreational activity specialist, youth sports coach, sports podcaster, motivational speaker, and writer, with a degree in Education and Kinesiology from the University of Texas in San Antonio. As a man of morals and values, he is focused on paying it forward in any way he can by spending his love to break all the negative chains and stigmas of life. A lover of God, education, quotes, history, sports, fitness, health, kids, traveling, money, business, fashion, music, movies, positive coping skills and all types of therapies to improve mental health, Jackson’s genuine philosophy and bold writing style show up in all his quotes, feedback, and short stories. With a perfect blend of book-smarts and street-smarts, Jackson provides all his readers with a realistic view about the different “Moments of Truth” in life that each must be aware of to grow, improve, and succeed.


The Moments Of Truth: A Book of Quotes and Short Stories to Enhance Life by Building and Gaining Knowledge, Enlightenment, Motivation, Reflection & Perspective

When people usually talk about the Moments of Truth, it's regarding business of some sort, things like money, customers, products, consumers, entrepreneurs, and marketing. Being an entrepreneur myself, these are very important things to me as well. However, to me there are bigger Moments of Truth that we experience during in our lives. So, what are the "Real Moments of Truth?" To me, they're the important moments and situations that happen every day, from blessings we take for granted to problems that may occur in our lives. These are the crucial moments in our lives where we should have made a better decision, or showed better emotional control, or had a better attitude, or healthier communication skills to handle different situations more positively.

We all have bad days, heartbreak, loss, disappointments, flaws, problems, self-doubt, setbacks, and all types of pain. Therefore, we must be prepared for some of those negative things to happen in our life. So, we must try our best to stay focused and positive with gratitude during tough times in order to overcome them. This book of realistic and positive quotes will help your during different Moments of Truth in your life. The quotes from me and other legendary people of history and several stories of my lifetime are offered in this book to help you keep things in prospective and to provide more knowledge so that you will be prepared for different situations. You can't afford to be impulsive or make bad decisions. You must always have a positive mindset on this journey to be successful. Also, I will give personal insights, feelings, and testimony to help you through your tests.

In conclusion, I love helping people and I love quotes, especially the quotes that make you think. The great thing about quotes is that they can be educational, honest, funny, and helpful. These short knowledgeable phases are cool, fast, and easy to remember, so you can learn from them and help somebody else in the process. Quotes are dope because you can share and pay them forward to the next person, too. Sharing knowledge is one of the ways we grow and evolve as people. And that's what this book is all about. I just what to make this world a better place! But for something that important it's going to take a village to make it happen. This book will help you think and look at things differently so you can become the best you possible.

To make this world a better place, we must start with ourselves. Only then can we help our family members, friends, and community. Gaining information about God, love, respect, faith, self-worth, overcoming obstacles, and gratitude are going to be needed to succeed in an unpredictable world. The Moments of Truth will be an insightful guide that will help you evolve as a person, and it will create ways you can share knowledge with others of all ages.