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Cara Dukes is a fitness enthusiast who finds joy in keeping children healthy and active. She founded the organization America Defeating Adolescent Obesity (ADAO) to add more active play and imagination to children’s days. Cara believes that sports and physical activity should be inclusive and fun. No matter a child’s athletic ability, being physically active and healthy builds confidence, creates determination, and encourages self-love, tenacity, and teamwork.


Coach Cara's Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Apples, Too

The kids in Coach Cara's third-grade class enjoyed their summers, indulging in one too many snacks and lazy days under the sun, leaving no room for active play and healthy foods. On the first day of P.E., they are faced with a challenging obstacle course.

"Coach Cara's Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Apples, Too" is an interactive, humorous, character-driven picture book, full of adventure, imagination, and quirkiness. It highlights the importance of being healthy and active in a way that's inclusive to all children.