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Cara M. Hill is a wife and mother of three. All of her children are within two years of each other in age. This makes for a busy and fun household. “The Giving Bag Book Gives On…” is her second book with the hope of more to come.


The Giving Bag Book

This idea began after having children and realizing how society was shifting and making children want "things" for Christmas (or any occasion for that matter) instead of giving. We also have amazing families who seem to spoil our children for every occasion, which we are very lucky to have, but as a parent it is a little overwhelming! This is why I created The Giving Bag Book, a holiday tradition since 2015! I hope you and your family will create a tradition of your own with The Giving Bag Book! Together we can bring giving into the hearts of our children!

The Giving Bag Book Gives On

After writing The Giving Bag Book, the idea of The Giving Bag Book Gives On... came to light. Besides giving toys, clothes or things, we can give of ourselves-our time, our hearts, our actions. Let's continue the message of the Giving Bag Book and think of ways to give beyond physical things.