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Caro Rodriguez, short for Janneth Carolina Rodriguez Bello, is an art director, writer, cook, yogi, and moon lover, with a deep fascination for cherry blossoms. She hails from Caracas, Venezuela, but is now deeply rooted in Miami, Florida. Caro has made it her mission to help others flourish in their self-care journey by connecting them with holistic healing modalities. Her career is currently focused on wellness and personal development.


Zoe's Tree

"Grandma? How do trees grow strong enough to survive a storm?"

"For trees to grow strong, their seeds should be planted in nourishing soil...You must water them every day to make sure they can start slowly sprouting their branches."

"Is that all?" asked Zoe.

"No, sweetheart," said Grandma. "That's just the beginning!"

Zoe's Tree is a story that introduces us to the importance of self-love and self-care from an early age. The book teaches us to take care of ourselves in the same way that Zoe learns to take care of her tree, from the moment its seeds are planted, to the moment they start to sprout and bloom. This story inspires us to enjoy every season of life with love, patience, and happiness.