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Casey Kiel has worked as a freelance artist under the aegis of her company, Casey Kiel Creations, for over twenty years. She is also a full-time graphic designer for the University of Notre Dame. She lives in a small town with her husband and their four children, who are the inspiration for one of her two comic strips, 4Keeps. You can view her artwork and learn more about her at


Mommy, What If?

What If? This question is a worry that plagues children and adults alike. What if something bad happens? In this vividly illustrated children's book, one mother reassures her daughter that she can rescue her from every dangerous adventure she can imagine. Pirates, aliens, and dinosaurs are no match for a mother's love. But, ultimately, when sickness attacks, and the end of a mother's capabilities is reached, God's assurance begins. So take a deep breath, lay down your worries, and enjoy the adventure. Everything is going to be all right.