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Cason has spent the last 10 years working as a Physical Therapist Assistant and now a Holistic Health Coach. After setting records as a college athlete, Cason found himself 70 pounds overweight, loaded with chronic pain. Cason was working his dream job relieving his patient’s pain as a PTA, however he found himself unable to heal his own ailments.

Stressed, irritable and overweight he found that eating real whole food, applying movement strategies and practicing meditation, were the key to his healing. Since then Cason has never looked back. Being driven by the belief that every human being is capable of healing all dis-ease, Cason’s passion is to inspire others to live in this mindset of unlimited potential.

Cason is the proud husband and father to Chancey and Cutler.


Wired to Heal: Relieve Stress, Get Out of Your Own Way, Stand Tall and Eat Clean

Slowly over the past century, we have been conditioned to give our innate healing power away to someone or something outside of ourselves. In "Wired To Heal", you will learn how this healing power is actually locked away deep inside of you. By tuning into the wisdom within our mind, body and soul you will learn to unlock your healing code. By understanding the overarching effects of stress, we begin to open our awareness. We will utilize proper spinal posture, meditation, hormonal center balancing all in combination with complete nutrition. Balancing these four pillars will give you the key to health and homeostasis.

This book will teach the power of possibility through the new sciences of epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum physics and biophotons. Allowing you to step outside the box of the status quo and into a new health paradigm. Now is the time to become conscious that we are all...WIRED TO HEAL!