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Is a spiritual seeker, business owner and creator of “Enlighten My Senses.” Her extensive background in self-help, along with her Bachelor’s and Doctorate in Natural Health, helps her in coaching and writing worldwide. She writes a column called “Holistic Corner” which is on her blog. She is currently writing her second book-“Enlighten Your World.” She enjoys living with her family and her dog at their Wild Turkey Inn in Nebraska and in her spare time she has created her own line of Green Chili Sauce.


Enlighten My Senses

Enlighten My Senses is a story about the journey that one woman took to open her heart and her life. It walks you, the reader, down a path that shows how your history, heritage and emotions affect your well-being. It guides you to look inside and outside step-by-step to help and support yourself in bringing light to areas that you may not have been aware of. Get ready for a whole new way to look at and improve your world!