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Clarita Sierra
Clarita holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science from the University of Texas. She specializes in transpersonal psychology and medical family therapy. She currently works as a medical family therapist with cancer patients. She loves to cook, and she enjoyed giving others cooking lessons when her children were young. Clarita lives in Mexico City with her husband, near her sons and granddaughters.

Alex Sierra
Alejandro studied business administration at Universidad Anahuac and worked for Vidalta Parque Residencial. He was a loving, sensitive, generous, and impulsive individual, and was more than anything a lover of life. He believed that he was invincible, and little by little, he got involved in an unknown world, thinking he could leave it at any time and fix his life.”


Struggling for Life My Story

Contrary to the idea that it is the parents who leave a legacy for their children, in this book, it is Alex who bestows a legacy--a gift--to his mother and the rest of his family through his tireless struggle of rebuilding himself away from the world of drugs. Alex's own narration, along with the perspectives of his family and friends, drives a compelling and emotional yet incredibly important narrative. Understanding Alex's story can, without a doubt, help parents and loved ones learn more about the world of addiction and familiarize them with different stereotypes about this illness. Equipped with such tools, the hope is that they can face the complexities of a loved one's addiction in the best way possible.