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Born in Mexico, Claudia Molina, also known as swami Ananda, has a college degree in Communication Science and Business Administration. She has been part of the corporate world since 1986. Entrepreneur and mystic, Claudia has been on the spiritual path for over 18 years. During all these years she has studied under the guidance of different teachers and masters and participated in workshops, courses and diverse trainings. She has done significant personal and planetary work through techniques and methods, such as DNA Activations, Breath Work, Transcendental Rebirthing System, Universal Energy, Family Constellations, NLP, Design Human Engineering and The Anthara System, among many others.

She is cofounder and president of Mastery Life, A.C. a nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to assist human beings in the awakening of their consciousness and embracing of their divine self.

She has earned certification as a Mastery Life Coach, a Certified Golden DNA Activation Facilitator, a Certified NLP practitioner, a Basic DNA Theta Healing Practitioner and a Transcendental Rebirthing Level 1 Trainer.

She was initiated by Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj as Swami Ananda and she was also initiated into the Silver Violet Maitri Swami Order. Her commitment is to serve the planet for its ascension by contributing in the creation of a world where love, peace and unity prevail.


Tantra, the Art of Sacred Sexuality as a Gateway to Ascension

"Tantra, the Art of Sacred Sexuality as a Gateway to Ascension, conveys the possibility of using the sexual energy in a conscious manner. The sexual energy is the primal energy of existence and one of the most powerful creative life force energies. This book invites you to explore sacred love making as a venue to manifest a deep, fulfilling whole connection with your partner, with yourself and with the divine. It opens the door to the realization that through the act of conscious lovemaking, we can generate higher vibrational frequencies that not only benefits us as a couple, but also the energy frequency ratio of the planet. With this conscious act we contribute to the shift in Awareness in Humanity that is already taking place and to the Ascension of Planet Earth into a higher and more evolved dimension. The very simple and yet meaningful techniques and principles provided in this ebook, offer a very easy and simple guide for the reader who is committed to embark on this process of self discovery, communion with the beloved and merging with the One Source of Creation."

The Sole-Mate Connection: A Journey to Your Own Soul-Mate

“The Sole-Mate Connection” is about a journey into single-hood after the author leaves a seventeen-year committed relationship, her reflections about dating, looking for her soulmate, and her realization that finding herself was the best quest ever. “The Sole-Mate Connection” is a funny, heartfelt, and inspiring piece to which women can relate. It is the advice of one woman to another in the path of finding The One but most of all in the journey of finding herself.