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Life shattered and dealt the hand of change in every area, offering Clemmie-Li Clyde the choice to rise and kick ass at succeeding. Living on the Texas Coast offers this country girl a flip-flop kinda existence filled with much peace and healing found in everyday beach walks, capturing snapshots of colorful, shining sunrises and sunsets. Clemmie-Li enjoys her time journaling and traveling to hang out with her little family. She pursues her love of horses through volunteering with equine-assisted therapy and taking riding lessons.


Living Beyond: The Night the Cops Showed Up

April 20, 2017, revealed painful, horrific truths amidst that life-shattering night pierced by red and blue lights. Awakening in a never-ending nightmare, Clemmie-Li staggers and struggles through the fight for survival and sanity. She pleads “not to be this angry,” while feeling hopeless, desperately alone, and scared. Will anyone help? This true rendition, condensed from memories etched in the author’s mind and words she penned in journals, vulnerably exposes Li’s life during the last five years and how she more than survived. For anyone facing traumatic life events, learn how she forgave, healed, and moved forward into living long-forgotten dreams.

As I Walked the Beach Today…:
Padre Island Pictures & Poetry

Walks on Whitecap Beach, located along the Texas coast, offer many photo opportunities. The pictures found in these pages encompass an Island Girl’s view of morning sunrises to evening sunsets. Many colors paint the backdropped sky, highlighting jetties, dunes, the open ocean waters making up the Gulf of Mexico, and Bob Hall Pier. In the midst of walking, Clemmie-Li
not only sees the creativity of her Creator, but experiences her own creative, poetic fun that is sprinkled inside.

This Island Girl has found peace and healing by living beyond
her life-shattering event while walking through sand, kicking up water, and laughing along the way.

Can you spy peace within?