AUTHOR: Cole Cardenas

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I don’t believe in love the way it’s told in many stories. In my experience, it’s never light, simple, or easy. Love is what happens when two traumatized, tortured people meet, and then, finally, they’re not alone anymore. Because they understand each other in a way no one else possibly ever could. Love is what happens when you meet someone who understands the demons that live inside your head, and they bring a light to your endless darkness. When you crave that person like a drug because they’re the good. They’re the thing that keeps you going. The thing that keeps you from losing all hope. Love is what happens when you meet the person that makes you want to live, despite all the things that make you want to die. Because no matter what pain you have to live through, what horrors you have to face, you know that they need you just as much as you need them. Love is all-consuming, dangerous, maddening, and, above all, uncontrollable.


The Abused and the Broken

The smallest things can change the entire course of our lives forever. For Daniel, all he’d ever known was pain and loneliness. Between abusive foster homes and constant bullying at school, he stayed in a constant state of fear, always starved for affection. For Luther, Daniel’s lifelong bully, his life was filled with needless violence to fill a hole he couldn’t explain. Luther’s absent parents and cold upbringing left him trapped in his own façade as an emotionless shell.

When unfortunate circumstances bring these two together, and Luther becomes protector rather than tormentor, neither boy will ever be the same. A toxic, dangerous, secret relationship blooms. Daniel is plunged into a life based on actually living, not just surviving. Luther must learn how to feel and process other emotions, rather than just rage. With threats around every corner, things are far from easy. Between worst fears, betrayals, fistfights, and a new monster altogether, Luther and Daniel go through hell and back. Will they both make it out alive, or will one forever be lost without the other?