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A former social worker, researcher and administrator, I worked for and with children and families for many years; as well as serving as a freelance writer and editor for The Maui News and Hanaside News. I have researched and written published reports for UNICEF Belize; Maui United Way; the State of Hawaii and others, and have traveled to over 40 countries, lived in seven foreign lands and on three Hawaiian Islands. I currently live in Mexico.


Erik and Dakota with the Angels

What if: when kids die, they really DO become angels; and are able to have adventures, travel anywhere they want, and help children who are still living on Earth? What if? Erik and Dakota with the Angels, a Middle-Grade illustrated Fantasy book, explores those possibilities.

Based on my real-life nephews who passed away in 2009, Erik and Dakota, 10 and 11-year-old brothers from the inner-city of Washington, DC find themselves, along with their mother, as angels. After meeting Meranda, a 12-year-old angel-girl from the Congo with big yellow hair and an even bigger personality, they set off to explore a world they were never able to experience while living on the Earth. Erik, the protagonist and older brother, narrates their adventures and develops into a competent leader and protector.