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Conrad M. Gonzales is a retired San Antonio firefighter and paramedic. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA. He is also a musician, performer, and songwriter, talents which he discovered later in life. He is the embodiment of the belief that “it is never too late to do great things to make a difference.” Mr. Gonzales’s passion has always been to provide safety education in order to save lives, especially those of children. To that end, he has been teaching safety to both children and adults for over forty years. He often says, “Children are our future, and I want to do whatever I can so that they live to see their future.” You can listen to “Captain Conrad, the Singing Firefighter” on his social media channel.


Captain Conrad’s Safety Tips!

From 1994 to 2003, Mr. Gonzales wrote these safety poems/songs for his children. They cover safety issues of all kinds, from fire safety, to bicycle and train safety, and even safety in the kitchen. He decided to publish these songs as poems so educators, such as teachers, parents, grandparents, and first responders, can read them to children, have fun teaching these rules…and save lives at the same time. Each poem has a unique message that will, hopefully, make a difference. If one child learns not to play with matches or cigarette lighters, or one parent installs a smoke alarm, that’s one less call for firefighters, which means their lives are saved, too, and they can go home to their families.

Shattered Silence:
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