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Consuelo Treviño-Ramirez attended Texas A&M University at Kingsville, where she received a master of science degree in elementary education with a minor in psychology and art. She began writing poetry in order to reinforce her counseling lessons for the students. As a passionate activist and advocate for the conservation of green spaces and native wildlife, she motivated her students to successfully lobby and save a beautiful wooded area as a nature park. After thirty-one years as an educator, Consuelo continues to be active in her artwork, creative writing, ecological conservation, and singing as a soprano in her church choir. She hopes that her short stories and poems will creatively inspire children to read, write, study, and become good, productive citizens. Consuelo currently resides in Laredo, Texas, with her spouse and son.


A, E, I, O, U
The Wise Lesson I Learned from You

Paco, a nine-year-old boy, loves to spend most of his time playing games with his friends. He has a pet donkey, Pepe, who always accompanies him. Paco seems to be more concerned about his games and playmates than he does about attending school. His mother, Rosa, is very worried about her son’s disinterest in school. So what will happen to Paco? What can his mother do or say to get him interested in school? Read the story to find out and get the surprise of your life! Surprises come in packages of all sizes, big and small…but this one is MIND-BOGGLING!

Whaley’s Song

Embark on a marine adventure with Whaley, a curious and lovable baby whale. Together with her playful sea creatures, she encounters the dangers that exist in their fragile oceanic ecosystem. Will Whaley be able to cope with this ecological threat? What does the future hold for these beautiful sea animals?

Whaley’s Song is sure to enhance a child’s awareness for the importance of appreciating and conserving our awesome seas.