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Dr. Daniel Scott Marrone was born in Brooklyn, New York. He received his Ph.D. in Business Education from New York University. Dr. Marrone started his teaching career in 1978. Six years later, he joined SUNY’s faculty as an instructor at Hudson Valley Community College (World Trade Center Extension Campus). In 1987, Dr. Marrone began teaching at Farmingdale State College where he rose through the academic ranks to Distinguished Service Professor. He was also the first Farmingdale State College recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Scholarship and Creative Activities. Dr. Marrone has written nearly 40 articles in a wide array of publications. Since 2007, he writes two articles per year for the SUNY University Faculty Senate Bulletin under the byline: Celebrating New York State and New Yorkers by Daniel S. Marrone. He has published biographies of Brigadier General Nicholas Herkimer, Major General Nathanael Greene, First Lady Martha Washington, Major General Anthony Wayne and First Lady Dolley Payne Madison in American Spirit: Magazine of the National Daughters of the American Revolution.


Theodore Roosevelt/Spring Rice in WWI, Joshua Barney, Dolley Madison, Elizabeth Monroe, & USN Airdales

Theodore Roosevelt/Spring Rice in WWI, Joshua Barney, Dolley Madison, Elizabeth Monroe, & USN "Airdales" is a collection of nine biographical essays describing the lives and accomplishments of those "who have made America a better nation." Along with the individuals listed in the title, the book has four additional brief essays on: Hugh Mercer, Martha Washington, Anthony Wayne, and Oliver Otis Howard-"The Christian General." On the book cover are images of TR and his family; Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice; Commodore Joshua Barney and an ink sketch of one of his Flotilla boats; and First Ladies Dolley Madison and Elizabeth Monroe.

At the bottom of the book cover is a 1960s photograph of the U.S. Navy "Airdales" with the author's late father standing at extreme right. Enlisted "Airdales" serve as crewmembers in U.S. Navy warplanes. During WWII, Daniel C. Marrone fought as a tail gunner on USN Avenger TBFs. Among his many military decorations was the "U.S. Navy Air Crewman Wings."

New York Heroes: Herkimer, Lincoln, Tr, & La Guardia

New York Heroes consists of four in-depth biographical essays on Nicholas Herkimer, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Fiorello La Guardia, as well as, four brief essays on Nathanael Greene, Dr. Emily Dunning Barringer, Thomas E. Dewey and Ed Koch.

These individuals faced formidable obstacles and while their accomplishments differ, they all made an indelible mark on New York State history. These individuals rose to greatness and became leaders by eventually triumphing over all adversities with an abundance of can do spirit.

The book is intended for those wishing to study leaders and leadership. On the book cover is the 1942-1943 U.S. Navy Roundel--the insignia painted on World War II Grumman Avenger TBFs (Torpedo-Bomber-Fighters). The author’s father, USN Petty Officer 3rd Class Daniel C. Marrone was an Avenger TBF tailgunner in the Pacific Theater. At the center of the Roundel is the historic marker honoring General Nicholas Herkimer for his valor at the decisive Battle of Oriskany.