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Daniela Garza Martinez is currently nineteen-years-old. She was born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and moved to the U.S. when she was around eight-years-old. Her grandfather is an extremely talented writer, but she is fairly new to it. She considers herself an accidental writer, mainly because she never meant for any of the heartbreaks to happen. This led her to start writing. Her first poem was “Diving into Your Trench.” Daniela is an undergraduate student, but she hopes to keep writing and to publish more in the future.


You'll Find Me Everywhere

This book is a timeline of the past four to five years of my life. The poems tell of my lowest points, teenage-year heartbreaks, unrequited love, loss of loved ones, and how I learned to love myself. I have learned that writing is the way I am able to communicate with myself and connect with others. It has become a form of both escapism and realism. It has given me honey-colored glasses that allow me to appreciate the minuscule details of everyday life. I can only hope this book will become a friend to you, maybe even a guide.