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Darlene Laney and her husband Carlos reside in Fresno, California. They attend Mt. Zion Assemblies where she serves as an administrative pastor, counselor, and Bible teacher. Darlene holds a Master’s degree in Education-Counseling and is a Board Certified Christian Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors as well as a licensed Evangelist. She has worked extensively with tweens, teens and women in overcoming self-esteem issues, domestic violence and sexual violence. She travels throughout California and Phoenix, Arizona, speaking at youth and women’s conferences.

Darlene is the developer and facilitator of the GSF Charm Course, a training program for developing young women of quality. This programs targets girls between the ages of 8-17 years. Darlene also presents the workshop: Mirror, Mirror, at youth, teen parent, and women’s programs, and conferences throughout California and Phoenix.

Darlene devotes her time to spending time with family, drawing, speaking, teaching, writing, and expanding the God’s Special Forces Program.


God Squad Mission Him-Possible II: The Giant Slayers

The God Squad invites you to come along with them in this exciting and sometimes mysterious mission. Angel is assigned as leader in this episode. Their mission: rescue a fellow classmate being targeted by bullies and help make Carver Preparatory a safe place for all students. However, before the God Squad can help Taylor, the mission quickly unravels and takes a dramatic turn when after meeting with the God Squad, Taylor ends up in the hospital due to a suspicious accident. Angel finds herself overtaken with doubting her abilities to lead the mission and battling the giants in her dreams. She ends up at odds with the other members of the God Squad and questions if she should continue in the group. Just when all seems lost, Angel has an encounter with a mysterious stranger and is introduced to the "just in case clause." But, is it enough to get the mission back on track and defeat the giants overtaking Carver Preparatory? Join the God Squad as they take on this new and exciting mission in Mission Him-Possible II, the Giant Slayers!

Gods Special Forces a Manual for Becoming a Young Woman of Quality

Color it, personalize it, and make it your own! Unique, like you. An original, one of a kind. With your mom, a friend, a group or even on your own, enjoy going through this distinctively different workbook full of information and ideas that will help you explore and discover true beauty, accentuate the positive, be style savvy, put it all together, and give you more confidence than you ever dreamed! Real talk, fun age-appropriate exercises, quizzes, inspiration and so much more to help you learn to be uniquely you and know: You are Somebody cause God don't make no Junk! Author, Darlene Laney brings you the workbook that inspired her to write "And, He Made a Woman, How to Become a Woman of Quality in a B" Class World." In this distinctively different workbook, Darlene challenges you to step out of the status quo and dare to be uniquely you, standing for something not falling for anything. Darlene shares with you her experience and expertise backed by a strong educational foundation that prepared her to work with tweens, teens, and women from various cultural, ethnic, and social economic backgrounds as she instructs, guides, and supports you in becoming the Young Woman of Quality God has ordained you to be.

The God Squad in an Episode of Misson Him-Possible the Distorted Mirror

Meet the God Squad, six ordinary girls; living ordinary lives until they get the call! In this anything but ordinary story you'll meet Mia, Sadie, Jade, Angel, Chris and Eve the six girls that make up the God Squad. Ranging in age from 12 - 15 the girls attend Carver Preparatory. In this episode, the girls' mission is to befriend a fellow student overly concerned with being accepted by the popular group and willing to do just about anything to belong but when things take an unexpected turn she finds herself in over her head and makes a frantic late night call for help. Will the God Squad get to her in time to avoid a catastrophe?