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Darryl Turner, international motivational speaker and founder/CEO of The Darryl Turner Corporation, has assisted more than 100,000 individuals each year through his 100+ live presentations to develop more lucrative lifestyles, grow businesses, and further enhance relationships. Using his experiences over the past thirty years, along with the very strategies he has used personally to build a multi-million dollar personal and professional development and corporate growth strategies company, Darryl releases life-changing strategies and a look at what is necessary when it comes to creating change in one’s life. Through his strategies and processes, Darryl’s clients have benefited from profits in excess of $150 million since the inception of The Darryl Turner Corporation in 1994.


Quote Me On That

Between the covers of this book is a compilation of some of the thousands of quotes from Darryl Turner. It is designed to allow readers to have a new quote each day on which to focus while navigating toward their personal level of higher success each day.

Uncommon Sense

Inside of every person is the strong desire to win, to be successful! Too often, we harbor issues or distractions that make it impossible to make that success happen. The pages of Uncommon Sense will challenge you to act now! They will cause you to look deep into your heart and decide which actions to take while inspiring you to take them. In addition, life is really about helping others. While some make a living and others make a life, the real goal is to simply make a difference.

From a mediocre salesman's existence, to extraordinary success, and then a tremendous lifelike story of paying it forward, the pages of Uncommon Sense welcome you in to take the challenge. You will never be the same again!