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Lisa Michelle Umina an international publisher, and an award-winning author with a rich experience spanning over two decades in the literary world. Lisa is the proud founder of two publishing companies, and to has played a part in opening international doors, including in vibrant Mexico City.

Originally from the heart of Cleveland, her journey into publishing took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with cysts on her vocal cords. It was during this challenging time that Lisa turned to writing as a form of expression and healing. Her debut book, “Milo with a Halo,” emerged from this pivotal moment to which followed the 2nd Edition, “Milo Finds His Best Friend.”

As fate would have it, ‘Milo’ soon became more than just a book—it became the centerpiece of a traveling show called the ‘Milo and Lisa Show. Through this experience, she realized the profound impact of storytelling and the power of giving voices to characters and their narratives.

Traveling the globe with ‘Milo’ exposed her to countless inspiring individuals with remarkable stories of their own. It was then that she recognized her true calling: to amplify the voices of others through the medium of books.

Lisa is deeply passionate about connecting with people from all walks of life and sharing in their journeys. Every story she encounters leaves her both honored and humbled to be in a position where she can help individuals find their voice and share their unique experiences with the world.

In essence, her career found her, and she is grateful every day for the opportunity to serve as a conduit for stories that deserve to be heard.

“It’s a privilege to be part of an industry that allows me to help others amplify their voices and leave a lasting impact through the written word.”


Milo Finds His Best Friend

This book is a must for parents to introduce God to their children and more importantly show children that they can openly communicate to God and start a relationship with Him.

Milo and the Green Wagon

Milo and the Green Wagon is an endearing tale based on a true story drawn from the writer's childhood. Similar to an experience Lisa shared as a youngster with her brother David, Milo and his friends find an old, discarded green wagon and decide to fix it up and use it to collect food and clothing for those who need them.

The Journey is the Gift:
The Moment that Changed My Story

Living implies coping with changes, those famous curves that life throws at us. Not everyone hits those curves the same way, but every single author in this book refused to dodge them. Meaningful experiences that change the trajectory of our lives are a part of everyone's journey. Changes we never see coming alter the way we see ourselves and undeniably reshape our way of being in this world. Whether it was a near-fatal accident, an addiction, a loss of one's voice, or unexpected motherhood, the authors of The Journey is the Gift: The Moment that Changed My Story not only survived life-changing challenges, but embody vibrant transformations as miraculous as the stories they tell. This book is not only an anthology but proof that our will to keep living and to thrive beyond just coping is itself the miracle.

Lecciones de Vida:
El momento que cambió mi historia

El mundo está lleno de momentos que marcaron las vidas de incontables personas, y son esos instantes los que indican el pasado y abren las puertas al futuro, al cambio. Tales relatos son algunas de las más enternecedoras memorias de la humanidad, y aquí presentamos quince de las más significativas que hemos encontrado. Todos merecen contar su historia.

¿Y tú?, ¿cómo es tu historia?, ¿qué te sucedió?, ¿cuál fue el momento que cambió tu vida?

Shattered Silence:
Stories of Loss and Healing

"Shattered Silence: Stories of Loss and Healing" is a poignant collection that explores the profound journey through grief and the transformative power of healing. Through a series of compelling narratives, this book offers a glimpse into the shattered silence that follows loss, and the courageous individuals who navigate the challenging path toward healing.