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Award-Winning Author

Lisa Michelle Umina is the founder and CEO of Halo Publishing International, a company that has published over 2,000 titles since 2002. As an award-winning author herself, she coaches other authors on how to publish their own books and build successful public speaking careers using the strategies she has employed. She is also a keynote speaker, author of the award-winning book “Milo and the Green Wagon”, and host of the podcast “Award-Winning Authors”.


Milo Finds His Best Friend

This book is a must for parents to introduce God to their children and more importantly show children that they can openly communicate to God and start a relationship with Him.

Milo and the Green Wagon

Milo and the Green Wagon is an endearing tale based on a true story drawn from the writer's childhood. Similar to an experience Lisa shared as a youngster with her brother David, Milo and his friends find an old, discarded green wagon and decide to fix it up and use it to collect food and clothing for those who need them.

Milo Moments

Milo Moments makes kids giggle by tickling their inquisitive natures and by light-heartedly bringing religion into everyday life in simple terms they can understand. The book shows how faith and a binding relationship with God can influence and guide even the simplest of situations and actions.

You Are My Bon Bon

This is a heartfelt and moving story about the personal feelings between you and those you care about and love. A perfect gift to show a loved one you are thinking about them. The book’s beautiful illustrations capture touching memories and cause one to reflect on all the special moments in life and smile.

Lecciones de Vida:
El momento que cambió mi historia

El mundo está lleno de momentos que marcaron las vidas de incontables personas, y son esos instantes los que indican el pasado y abren las puertas al futuro, al cambio. Tales relatos son algunas de las más enternecedoras memorias de la humanidad, y aquí presentamos quince de las más significativas que hemos encontrado. Todos merecen contar su historia.

¿Y tú?, ¿cómo es tu historia?, ¿qué te sucedió?, ¿cuál fue el momento que cambió tu vida?