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David Rodriguez III lives in Austin, Texas. He is an award-winning published children’s book author who believes that storytelling not only sparks creativity and imagination, but allows young readers to learn lifelong lessons. He is currently getting his Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Stephen F. Austin State University, and works as a Registered Behavioral Therapist where he provides extraordinary care for children who are on the autism spectrum. His loving boyfriend Justin, and his furry little friend, Bruiser, have continued to inspire him to write adventurous stories that deliver a positive message.


The Many Adventures of Bruiser The Jack Russell Terrier

Bruiser, a mischievous Jack Russell Terrier, wakes up ready for an adventure. After devising a plan to sneak into Mr. David's preschool, Bruiser weasels his way into different classrooms, meeting new friends and causing many mishaps--mishaps that get many of the students in trouble! After seeing the students sitting out during recess, a new friend helps Bruiser realize that he should take responsibility for his actions. Bruiser then decides to make matters better for all.

The Many Adventures of Bruiser The Jack Russell Terrier MVP (Most Valuable Pup)

Bruiser embarks on a new fun-filled adventure. This tail-wagging, high energy, ball-loving dog joins a baseball team where he feels confident in helping his team win the championship game. However, Bruiser struggles with teamwork, and doesn't allow his teammates a chance to participate on the journey to the championship game until a young boy named Jimmy helps him realize that working as a team is the only way for them to come out on top.