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Dawn Bennett has been a licensed family therapist for more than thirty-five years and writes about family life and relationships with honesty. She has sought therapy for her own family and marriage, when needed, and gives readers a broad perspective for assessing both functional and dysfunctional personal relationships from a compassionate perspective. She is often on her Facebook page, Investing Love. From Roanoke, Virginia, and the coastal cities, to Baylor University in Texas, she observes life to prepare for a successful marriage and to navigate significant difficulties within her family journey. With her humble beginnings, Dawn is an unlikely candidate for advanced education, but her advanced practice of self-love can lead us to our dreams.


A Discovered Life

A Discovered Life alerts the reader to missed opportunities and reasons to say yes, rather than no. Finding your own best path is often about releasing what you were taught. Many families have wonderful traditions and celebrations, but hidden prejudices may be powerful and difficult to face without terrible emotional wounding. The divisions in our current world are demanding to be explored, and we may be too afraid of alienation in order to do so. Self-love often requires a brave stance when we are finding our true identity. Dawn Bennett wants us to know and reveal ourselves in ways that may be aggravating to others, and we find ways to question more, and react less. Her model for self-disclosure can bring closeness and intimacy, as well as the questioning of beliefs and habits. This book is a private exploration of relationship successes and failures, as Dawn also delves into religion and explores what beliefs she rejected and why.