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Although born and raised in Chicago, I now reside in Ohio with my amazing husband, Darryl. I am the mother of three wonderful children, DJ, Daniel and D’Sha, and have an awesome daughter-in-love, Erica. The joys of my life are my three granddaughters, Leah, Imani, and Chloe. In them, I get to see my children as kids all over again!

I am also an adoptive parent. My husband and I wanted the pleasure of raising a daughter and we got that opportunity with our youngest. She has been a joy! Raising her did come with challenges that you may not have with birth children. We have really seen the nature versus nurture struggle come into play in her life. We also have dealt with the challenges of helping her figure out where her “two families” fit into her life. It has been a roller coaster ride, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything! To God be the glory!

By profession, I am a speech-language pathologist and I work with children in an elementary school setting. So much can be accomplished through the reading of a book!

Stay tuned for additional titles in this series.

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Adoption Stories: Elizabeth's Choice

This book is a sequel to "My Two Families". Elizabeth questions whether to take the opportunity to meet her birth mother. She wrestles with the need to get more information about her birth mother and little brother and her desire for things to stay the same. She is happy and content with her adoptive parents, but she is very curious about her other family.

My Two Families

This book tells the story of adoption from one child's perspective. Elizabeth is at an age where she is beginning to ask questions about where she came from and, although she knows she is adopted and came from someone else's belly, she wonders about her birth family and why they gave her up. This book explores her feelings and her adoptive parents' responses to her questions.