AUTHOR: Debbie Capiccioni Heidinger

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Debbie is from Cleveland, Ohio. She comes from a very large family, seven brothers and two sisters. This is her very first book. She was inspired from all the grandchildren that she has been blessed with through her three children, wonderful husband, and four stepdaughters.


Spud the Potato Bug

The book is about a Little boy who has a friend
that just happens to be a potato bug.

Have You Seen Spud?

This story is about a little boy named Sam who thought he lost his best friend, a bug named Spud. Spud had just wanted to play and explore, but he couldn't find his way home. Asking for help from a passing firefly, Spud finds his way home where he is happily reunited with Sam once again.

Grandma Huff and the Magic Pot

This story is about a boy who goes to the store with
his grandmother and finds an unusual treasure.