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Debra Anderson was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. She and her husband Gary have lived in the State capital- Jackson, for the past 30 years. Her background is in planning and research. She is also a freelance columnist for the local newspaper. Over the years, Debra has worked as a volunteer to tutor and mentor children who don’t read very well. In an effort to motivate them, she began writing and using short stories that featured her students as the main characters. As a result, their interest levels increased and they were inspired to read more and work harder. Her first book is a children’s story with a timeless message for young and old, with insight into how God might be pleased to work through those who love Him. The story was written to support and encourage her late pastor, during a low point in his ministry.


The Seed Sower, Walter's Special Garden

The Seed Sower a Christian allegory. It is a story about encouragement. Walter's garden is the world and the seeds he plants parallel the Gospel message. Walter discovers planting seeds, like the gospel, has no boundaries and cannot be hemmed in. He learns that God sometimes uses small efforts for a larger and higher purpose. Our responsibility as Christians is to be obedient to God, making ourselves available to be used by Him in any and all circumstances. We must learn to trust Him, even when we cannot track Him.