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Denise’s love of books and for animals have merged together to create a children’s book series that entertains as it educates. She serves on a volunteer committee for Friends of the Providence Animal Care & Control Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to supporting the animals in the city of Providence. For more information about Friends of the PACCC, visit Denise is a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors. She lives in Southern New England with her husband Ernie and their sweet, rescue dog, Jax. A percentage of her book sales are donated to local animal shelters.


Christmas with Klaus

When Denise and Ernie carry a tree into the house, set it in a stand, and waters it, a baffled and curious Klaus wonders why. Klaus turns to his friend Pebbles, who is a dog too, for the answer. Join in the excitement as Klaus plays in snow for the first time, discovers an ornament with his name hanging from a tree branch and learns about Christmas traditions and the reason for the season.

Klaus' First Winter

Take a stroll with Klaus the dog, through a charming New England neighborhood, and meet some of his friends along the way. On this adventure, you will discover alongside Klaus how Sally Squirrel, Billy the Eastern Bluebird and Freddie Frog survive the cold and snowy winter months. Have fun, while learning about migration and hibernation, on this fascinating, autumn morning walk.