AUTHOR: Diana Lynn

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Diana Lynn loves her dogs. They are not working dogs, nor are they mutts. She loves spending time with her pets and writing about them. She has many more children’s books in the works and can’t wait to share them with you.


If Bugs Could Talk: A story about Beneficial Bugs

"If Bugs Could Talk" follows a young boy named Jaxon and the bugs he observes in his backyard. The bugs describe how they are beneficial to the environment. Fascinated, Jaxon keeps a journal of all the bugs he sees. He realizes he wants to study bugs and become an entomologist when he grows up.

If Dogs Could Talk: A Story about Dogs with Jobs

"If Dogs Could Talk" is a story about working dogs—dogs that were bred or trained to perform specific tasks that help people. Buddy is a stray dog, and he wishes he had a job or people he could help. Ultimately, Buddy finds his people, and his job is being her BFF, Best Furry Friend!