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Dianna Caraballo –currently resides in Ohio, is the mother of twins and currently holds a minister’s license. WOMEN WERE DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS TOO! Biblical Truths Every Woman Should Know is a labor of love to help women realize their true worth.


A Little Drink of Water

Water is one of the universal symbols. It can represent change or a turning point and take on many forms. Water can also represent life. It has a myriad of meanings and is represented in many forms. In truth, it is a lot like us, as we are universal as well. Rivers can represent ease, grace, and even fluidity. Due to its meandering form, it can give the sense of calming, beauty, steadiness, even a form of security. Lakes or pools on the other hand, as indicated in the Bible have the spiritual meaning of intelligence as they are bodies of water that have been gathered together which denotes complexity.

Oceans on the other hand represent power, strength, domination, and actually holds life within its belly.

Water in the Bible represents the Word of God. It also represents spiritual things such as faith. Water is refreshing. It is a cleanser. It is given to revive a dehydrated body. Through water baptism a person is given a fresh start, a new birth if you will.

When I began to write this devotional, I wanted to help revive people. I wanted to give them a fresh perspective into their inner self. Help them awaken their spiritual awareness that may be untapped within them.

I have put together this collection of spiritual thoughts, poetry and thought provoking quotes in hopes to give you encouragement, inspiration and hope. To quench your thirst; to perhaps give you, ""A Little Drink of Water.""

Women Were Designed for Greatness Too!

Since the fall that took place in the Garden of Eden, woman's role was re-defined. It has been perceived that her role should be limited. That her contributions must be measured and weighed according to standards, guidelines, and restrictions established for her and any attempt to excel beyond these limitations are often dwarfed, sabotaged, or even forbidden.

Tradition plays a significant role in how women are treated in cultures, religious circles and society. So where did they originate from? Who is the author of segregating woman from man? Who placed man in the superior role and woman in a secondary class? Many would have us believe that God made this distinction and points to the Bible as validation.

Women were Designed for Greatness Too shares hidden biblical truths that may shock you. It reveals how God chose man first but ultimately had to use woman, to establish, fulfill and complete His master plan.

Women were Designed for Greatness Too challenges humankind to re-examine their perceptions and treatment of women culturally, religiously and socially; because they too were designed by God... for greatness.