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Diayle J. Davis is a teacher and counselor by training, and she is also spiritually gifted. She currently works in a New Jersey school system. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Justin; her daughter, Jaela; and her son, Jaeden. She loves to watch the Food Network, HGTV, and PBS Kids. It is not uncommon for her to read several books at once, each from a different genre, as she is always focused on building herself and enjoying life.


Lights, Camera, Action: A 40 Day Devotional to Help Expose, Evolve, and Execute Your Faith

"Lights Camera Action" is a phrase that many have heard before, and when we hear it, we expect something to happen. This devotional is intended to encourage you to take a cliché phrase and turn it on its head. If taken apart, each element is essential for your personal and spiritual growth, so I challenge you to adopt this phrase as a mantra moving forward. I pray that you take on each element for what it is and what it can do. Lights are needed to expose and illuminate dark areas, so let the Light of the world reveal and brighten those dark places. Cameras are tools used to capture a moment in time, but before viewing an image, development must take place. Use the Word of God to develop yourself into the image of God. The Action happens when we are intentional about making a change in behavior and learning the best ways to implement God's desires in our lives. Allow the Holy Spirit to prompt you to move differently than you have before. Inspired by actual events, Anapaula Corral has shared the pain and healing Isabel experienced in this book so that parents can relate to it as well. This book also contains scientific research to spread awareness of pregnancy complications. It seeks to encourage readers to regularly check on their health before they decide to conceive a child. "