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Luisa F. Molano is a proud auntie to Dinah; her brother, Atticus; and their cousins Jorgie, Benji, Charlie, and Penelope Rose. She is the founder of Path to Purpose, a stirring speaker, author, and certified embodiment coach who’s been empowering souls and success since 2017. Luisa works with individuals and groups, and does talks/workshops throughout her community. Luisa and Dinah are on a mission to impact one million lives with the message in I Believe in Me! She, along with her husband, Townsend Wardlaw, and their Morkie, Jax, call sunny St. Pete, Florida, home six months out of the year. The other six are spent working and traveling in various states and countries.

Meet Dinah E. Corona! She’s not just any seven-year-old; she’s a rising star at Las Lomas Elementary School in La Habra, California. Dinah is proud to be part of an extraordinary group called Las Lomas Entrepreneurs–Project Kids, where she and her classmates use unique ideas to improve their community. In 2023, she even learned how to code a robot with her friend! When she isn’t busy with her innovative projects, you’ll find her curled up with a good book, savoring rainbow sherbet, or munching popcorn while watching her favorite movies. But what Dinah loves most is art! And guess what? She’s made her dream come true with this book, proving that dreams really can come true! A big shout-out goes to Mrs. Goodman, her supportive teacher who has been a big fan of Dinah’s book-writing adventure. And here’s a message from Dinah just for you: “No matter what, you will always be magical!” Luisa and Dinah are wearing the Touchstone bracelet they bought the day Dinah’s little idea was born.


I Believe In Me: How Little Ideas
Become Big Dreams

Dinah is a seven-year-old who turns a little idea into a big dream. This inspiring and interactive book is for anyone who has ever doubted themselves or their dreams. It's a tale of how valuable it is to validate ourselves and how fun it can be to turn ideas into action, and take brave steps towards your dreams. Join Dinah, and her Auntie Luisa, and discover your own magic!