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Doris Barren is a Professional Development Specialist with Imagine Learning. This company is a developer of award-winning digital language, literacy, and math programs used by K-12 students across the nation and the world. Doris provides training and support to the school districts’ administrators and staff across Alabama that use these programs. Besides her training responsibilities, Doris has worked directly with the Birmingham City and the Leeds City School Districts as a Substitute Teacher and as a Tutor for her church. She is also a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.


Change Your Mindset / Save Your Child: Saving Our Children By Healing Ourselves

Join the author as she makes a case for the impact our mindset has on our lives. As we grow into adulthood, our mindset is influenced and nurtured by the adults and others with whom we spend most of our time. Her experience as a parent and Substitute Teacher helped her recognize the overwhelming pressure our children in the 11 - 16-year-old age group undergo while transitioning from the child culture of elementary school to the young-adult culture of high-school. As the focus of the book, she is their voice.

Change Your Mindset / Save Your Child: My Mindset-Transformation Guide

The My Mindset-Transformation Guide is the companion to Change Your Mindset/Save Your Child: Saving Our Children By Healing Ourselves. The My Mindset-Transformation Guide takes you on the journey to create the family culture we all desire for ourselves and our families. During this journey of improving your relationship with your family and others, you will uncover what it takes to transform your family culture from negative to positive, driven by your changed mindset. A positive mindset helps support positive outcomes, while a negative mindset leads to negative, often tragic, and irreversible outcomes. The transformation process includes responding to thought-provoking statements and questions designed to help you understand what has led to your current family dynamics and what needs to change. Author Doris Barren walks with you (figuratively) throughout the journey, providing encouragement and supportive resources along the way.