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Dr. Andrea C. Walker has dedicated her life’s work to education. She has served as an elementary teacher and a principal, and she currently serves as a director of student wellness. She also founded The Red Tomatoes, a responsive educational company that focuses on preventive and restorative educational practices. The Teachers of the Pandemic: From Resilience to Recovery was written to counteract America’s crisis in education by identifying the residual trauma of the pandemic and its impact on all employees in the field of education.

Dr. Walker is a champion of snow days, an avid traveler, and a foodie. She loves to laugh, believes in love, and contributes her success to her faith, family, and close friends. She holds a doctorate and a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in family studies. Dr. Walker is a proud member of two sororities: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., and the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., a professional organization of women in the field of education.


Teachers of the Pandemic: From Resilience to Recovery

Although titled The Teachers of the Pandemic, this book is for superintendents, those in higher education, custodians, secretaries, teacher's aides, lunch and playground staff, bus drivers, school board members, and yes, teachers too. Virtually any employee who touched the field of education during the pandemic, this book is for you!

So, why is this book entitled The Teachers of the Pandemic? Simply put, the pandemic taught each of us something. This book acknowledges the unspoken trauma in the field of education and provides an honest discussion surrounding the challenges, strengths, and lessons learned. It simply teaches those in education to focus on their "Maslow" (basic needs) before they can "Bloom" (teach or support learning).

It is with so many mixed emotions that Dr. Walker openly states concern for professionals like her, who have dedicated their life's work to education and are seemingly tired beyond belief. So many who touch the field of education need a revival of sorts to help dig out what the pandemic has imposed on their profession. Undoubtedly, without education, no other profession exists. The education profession is a staple to society, and as such, it is imperative that it recovers. Dr. Walker invites her colleagues from around the world to take a deep breath, dig in, put in the work needed, and collectively focus on their recovery.