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Dr. Melinda Jones is a writer, dreamer, intercessory prayer warrior, and motivational speaker who focuses on the total person, helping you become what God has created you to be. She is the founder of Melinda Jones International Ministries and of 1 Birth at a Time, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that assists women in pregnancy crisis. You can also see her on weekly on Moments with Melinda, airing on The NOW Network.


Activating the Promises Within

Have you ever had a desire to succeed but always felt that fear held you down? Twenty years ago I knew I was called to greatness and I ended up marrying someone, Eric, who I thought would help me see my vision clearly. I was wrong. Instead, I allowed him to steal my dreams and vision, in order to keep peace in the house. I now know that Eric did not have my best interests at heart. Eric was camouflaged with a beautiful smile, wanting to make me think that he was interested in my child. Eric knew what it took to wrap me around his little finger and that he did that and I lost who I was.

Eric, my baby’s father, was a very angry man because he felted like the black sheep of the family. There were many days I tiptoed through the house, not wanting to make him upset because that would start the arguments. Eric was never physically abusive, but he was verbally abusive. His words resonated in my mind for years and it took everything within me to make things happen again.

I was on a quest to find myself again, to rebrand who I was and was to become. I found that, through the Holy Spirit, I could finally be myself again. It was a process because Eric’s words were still ingrained in my mind and it took years to gain confidence. This book will assist you in making things happen and moving toward your goals, dreams, and aspirations.