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Drexwell Seymour is from the Turks and Caicos Islands. He is a certified public accountant but his favorite thing to do is write. He has a website and posts new articles every week. He has a YouTube channel and shares weekly inspirational videos. He is the host of a weekly radio show called Financially Speaking, which airs on Radio Turks and Caicos, the national radio station.

Mr. Seymour published his first book, Rise Up and Take Your Position, in September 2021. This book received riveting reviews and became a bestseller on Amazon. Drexwell also produced a short film and cowrote a song called “Rise Up and Take Your Position.”

Mr. Seymour is married to Joanna Seymour, and they have five children. In addition to operating his own accounting firm, he also has a property management business.


Succeeding In Your Position:
Ten Essential Ingredients for Success

Succeeding in Your Position is a sequel to my first book Rise Up and Take Your Position. It focuses on the steps to be successful in your position and how people might reach their objectives by implementing some easy yet effective changes in their daily lives.

Succeeding in Your Position will teach you how to build self-confidence, deal with everyday challenges, and live passionately and purposefully to achieve all of your goals by detailing the numerous timeless concepts that anyone can use.