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Duane Pajak, has B.A. and M.A. degrees in psychology from Michigan State University.
He has over thirty years of professional experience as a psychotherapist, CEO of two outpatient psychiatric clinics, and as an adjunct professor of psychology. He has given numerous talks and workshops on managing stress on the job and at home. In addition to his book, “It’s All in Your Head,”he has an article published in the “Sherlock Holmes Journal” of London (Winter, 2008). It is entitled, “Judge Sherlock Holmes for Yourself,” and is an analysis and speculation of Sherlock Holmes’ personality from the perspective of a personality test. Mr. Pajak has been married to Maureen for over forty-six years. They have three sons and four grandchildren. He makes his home in Michigan where he enjoys his life-long hobby of landscape photography.


It's All in Your Head, Second Edition
Managing Stress in Your Life

It's All in Your Head is an inspirational book on managing stress in one's everyday life. The book emphasizes a way to reduce stress by having the reader notice, or "observe" his or her own stressful thoughts. It then walks the reader through some easy, practical steps and examples on how to let negative, stressful thoughts dissipate before they do significant mental and physical harm. In easy to read language, the book offers suggestions on how to bring balance, physical exercise, enjoyment, and relaxation to one's active, busy life-style. In the end, the book tends to leave the reader with a sense of purpose in life, and a deep appreciation and gratitude for the things that really matter in life.