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Writer, healer, historian, and artist Dulce Davis has battled mental and chronic illness most of her life. She has spent years seeking healing through both allopathic and alternative means, becoming a certified health coach and yoga, meditation, and breathwork instructor in the process. She is an advocate for mental-health and chronic-illness awareness and supports both self-advocacy in the doctor’s office and consumer discretion in the wellness realm.

Dulce’s formal studies in art history and historic preservation additionally influence her creative approach to well-being, through her encouragement to explore self-expression, celebrate identity, and cherish space. Her passions are creating beauty out of dark times and designing lives people want to live. Dulce is currently based in Austin, Texas, working in historic preservation and practicing as a health coach specializing in stress management during the healing journey. More can be found about Dulce at her website,, and her Instagram, @‌iamindulceland.



Moments is a collection of experiences along the healing journey that are not often discussed from the perspective of a person whose pain may never be resolved. Dulce’s story is about illness. But Moments is for anyone who has experienced suffering and is living in the unpleasant present.

Through the extended metaphor of the garden, Dulce weaves imaginative concepts like Sleeping Beauty syndrome and the “moments tools” of armor, anchor, and tonic with insightful personal reflections and wisdom for those seeking happiness in painful times. Introspective poetry about fragility, longing, and hope are incorporated with healing meditations to delve further into our shared story of hurting, waiting, and wanting what is not yet here.

It is hard to be patient and accepting of pain. But by loving the imperfect healing journey and embracing the unpleasant present, we can learn to create beauty out of the darkness, which will allow us to lead lives we love.