AUTHOR: Edward M. Gurowitz, Ph.D.

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Edward M. Gurowitz holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and for the past forty-plus years has been a strategy, leadership development, and, most recently, diversity and inclusion consultant to some of the largest corporations in the world. He is a past chair of ManKind Project USA and a founding partner of Inclusionary Leadership Group and of the Better Man Conferences. His focus is on engaging men as allies for the inclusion and advancement of all.


Inclusion, The Role of Leadership: Why We Are Separate, Why We Need to Come Together

Too often, men are seen as enemies of others’ advancement or, at best, as bystanders. However, in business and in life men have advantages and power and can be powerful allies. This book reviews the case for inclusion and allyship, outlines what gets in the way of that, and provides tools for men to use their power for the good of all—for their businesses, their relationships, and themselves.