AUTHOR: Edward Pickhardt Jr.

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Now retired after a successful career in sales, Ed has finally been able to make writing, which had just been a lifelong hobby, into his second career. Ever since an elementary teacher encouraged him to keep “making up stories,” Ed has been filling folders for years with short stories and essays. His efforts have now produced this first Dusty adventure. Ed lives in New Jersey and spends as much time as possible with his children and young grandchildren.


Dusty - The Dustball and Family

Dusty heard the sound of the bulldozers arriving to demolish the old house he and his family had been living in. There was a broken toy fort in the basement which Dusty and his family had called home for some time. As the sound of the bulldozers grew closer, the dust ball family caught a stiff breeze and floated out an open window, hoping to find a new home. The Dust Ball family will have the adventure of a lifetime as they discover a forgotten dollhouse in the attic of a nearby house, which could prove to be a perfect new home. But they must first meet the family who lives in the house, figure out a way to communicate with them and hope they will be allowed to stay. This is a story of love, acceptance and a truly unique friendship, above all.