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Elaina Acha, born in December 2014, is the eldest of three siblings and a nine-year-old author who lives in Cypress, Texas, where she attends Cypress Christian School. She is of Nigerian heritage, and her love of reading, writing, and imaginative storytelling shines through in Fireworks Fun Day: A Fourth of July Celebration. She is also a lover of God and Jesus Christ, our Savior. Her youthful perspective and creative spirit make her storytelling vibrant and engaging for young readers.


Fireworks Fun Day
A Fourth of July Celebration

Fireworks Fun Day: A Fourth of July Celebration takes readers on a journey into the heart of a joyous family celebration. Set against the backdrop of a dazzling fireworks display on the evening of the Fourth of July, this story recalls the author's experience when she was just eight years old and captures the essence of her excitement, anticipation, and sense of togetherness. Follow along as the protagonist eagerly sets up blankets and chairs, plays, and waits with bated breath for the fireworks to begin. The narration reflects the child's impatience and her counting down the seconds until the spectacular show begins. Fireworks Fun Day encapsulates the spirit of family bonding, laughter, and simple joy of celebrating special moments together.