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Elane Fees is a first-generation American whose parents immigrated from Lithuania and Greece. Elane was born in Long Beach, Ca., grew up in Lakewood and now resides in Huntington Beach. She is the first female in her family to graduate college with a BS in Business Management. Elane has had a successful career in software sales for over 25 years. Elane is married to Phil Fees and is a bonus Mom to his three children, Colby, Maddie, and Kendall and daughter-in-law Cassi. Elane has two godchildren, Kyle and Anna, who are loved as her own.


The Magic Gumball Tree

This true story is my fondest childhood memory. I have wanted to write and publish it since my parents' passing over twelve years ago. "The Magic Gumball Tree" depicts how very special my father was and how he brought magic into our lives in the simplest of ways.