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After receiving her master’s degree, Elizabeth Alfheim taught middle school language, literature, and history. During her career of twenty-plus years, she served as master teacher and mentor for new educators in her district. She also offered presentations in classroom-management skills to local university students. In 2011, Elizabeth was chosen Educator of the Year, Region 7, California League of Middle Schools. The imagination of her grandson is her inspiration for writing.


The Adventures of Beckham Grey: The Lumbering Beast

The Adventures of Beckham Grey: The Lumbering Beast shows that a child's imagination is exciting and wondrous. A young mind can be so creative if given an opportunity and the creativity is encouraged. In this age of technology, many children have lost, or never have found, that childlike awe of magical possibilities while learning and exploring our world. This book is the first book in a series of Beckham's many adventures.

The Farm Challenge

The Adventures of Beckham Grey: The Farm Challenge

The Adventures of Beckham Grey: The Farm Challenge is the second book in The Adventures of Beckham Grey series. This truly imaginative story, which is based on Beckham's interactive play, brings farm animals to life as they arrive in unique ways. A stinky pig arrives first and is followed by a wobbly cow, a honking goose, and various other farm animals. Once the crew is all there, a competitive game commences. This whimsical story is written in a rhyming cadence that is sure to bring a smile to those who read about a young boy's adventures. The lesson to be learned is one of good sportsmanship and humility while working towards a goal.

The Adventures of Beckham Grey: All Stuffed

The Adventures of Beckham Grey- All Stuffed brings well-loved stuffed animals to life through the imagination of a young child. Like all the stories in the series, the book is based on Beckham's real-life events playing with his grandma, Gigi. The lyrical rhyming patterns make the story enjoyable to read and hear. The play time turns into a dance-off between the animals. One of the animals is quite shy, but the other animals and Beckham are encouraging and supportive. Through this story, the reader will learn that sometimes it just takes help from a friend, someone on whom you can truly depend. This book will bring a smile to readers, as well as encourage children to have compassion for others. Additionally, like all the other Adventures of Beckham Grey Series, the story demonstrates the value of children using their imaginations to create their own playtime adventures.